Aesthetics and Frame Selection

Aesthetics and frame selection:

Everyone talks about finding the best shapes for faces. The cosmetic selection of frames is far more complex than that.

“I could write a book on this!” says Audrey. “Yes, it is quite complex, but here are a few areas to think about:

The first place to begin is proportion. If the frame is in proportion to your face, chances are, you will be able to wear different shapes. If a frame is not in proper proportion, it can look as if you are wearing someone else’s glasses. “I see people around the city or when I am traveling who did not skimp on the price of their glasses but did not get valid or experienced advice, … or did they find them on the subway?”

  • Is the colour and finish of the frame complimentary to your complexion tone and eye colour?
  • Is the frame complimentary to the contour of your brow line, your cheekbones, and your jaw line?
  • How does the frame choice impact your prescription?
  • What are you wearing them for? Do you need a more professional look? Are you in the arts field? If so, is that choice too conservative? “I have a female CEO who wants “power glasses!”
  • Do you have a wardrobe of glasses? If you do, colour becomes secondary as you will accessorize your outfits.”

The consumer often finds frame selection a daunting experience, but with the expert staff at Dillons it doesn’t need to be. Please drop in and let us guide you in your selection