Progressive Lenses

Dillon Opticians is Toronto’s leading progressive lens fitters. Audrey was one of the first opticians in Toronto fitting progressive lenses in the early ‘70’s. These lenses have come a long way since then. The original designs were very crude compared with the sophistication of lenses today. The Zeiss Individual 2 lens is the most customized lens on the market. Due to the customization and the unique Zeiss design; vision is optimized, resulting in sharper, crisper images and maximizing the zones for near and computer. We successfully fit clients who have been “progressive failures” elsewhere. Precise measurements, frame choice, and fit are paramount in the success of progressive lenses. At Dillon Opticians our registered opticians are trained for measuring and fitting these high-performance lenses. Dillon Opticians uses a Zeiss i Terminal 2 to achieve the highest accuracy in measuring for all lens fittings.