I Scription Lenses

i Scription lenses are a very unique lens product that is also available at Dillon Opticians. i Scription lenses are fabricated at the Zeiss lab to .001 of a diopter (the unit of measurement for lenses.) All other lenses available on the market are ground to .25 of a diopter.

Audrey says when she first received the i scription lenses, “I had never experienced this clarity ever before! I was blown away. For me, it was like seeing a 3D movie for the first time. The depth perception and vibrancy of colour was astounding.” Not everyone will have the same level of experience, but the majority of the individuals we have fit with this lens are very pleased with their vision. In order for us to be able to fit you with i Scription lenses, you must be measured with the Zeiss I Profiler instrument. The Optometrist’s office associated with Dillons, has a Zeiss i Profiler and all patients are measured with this instrument.