Drive Safe Lenses

Great strides have been made in making the cars we drive safer but what about the driver?

Now we have lenses that are designed for the demands of driving in adverse weather conditions or at night with low light and haze from oncoming headlights.

Anyone who wears glasses for driving can benefit from the features of these lenses. These lenses are designed for those times when vision is a challenge while driving, i.e., nighttime, glaring headlights or heavy rain.  Audrey says, “I reach for them under certain circumstances like heavy rain and I’m having difficulties seeing the lines on the road or when my dry eye is acting up, and yes, the Drive Safe lenses do make a difference. I equate it to a pair of sunglasses. When it is sunny, we can all manage without them, but, our eyes are much more comfortable with them on and our vision is more acute.”